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Parameter setting of welding head cleaning function



Cleaning parameter setting of extended welding joint

I. Wiring of the system

There is no difference between the cleaning version and the welding version, you can refer to its wiring part: SUP20S manual ‍

(The 5/6 pin of signal interface 1 is shorted to make the safe lock effective, and the light comes out immediately after the trigger button is pulled)

2. Process setting

Cleaning process

Scanning frequency: motor swing speed, range 10-100Hz, recommended to set 50

Scanning width: The scanning width of the light plate, the range is 0-150mm, 150 is recommended

Duty cycle: 100% by default

Pulse frequency: Default 2000

After setting the parameters, import and return, you can see the process on the left side of the home page

② Confirmation of focus

By scanning back and forth near and far, it is the focus when the sound is the largest and the spark is the largest, and it should be cleaned according to this distance and the energy is the strongest

(Generally, the distance between the gun head and the plate is about 30 cm, and the energy is strongest)

③ Signal detection

Only when [laser trigger signal] and [safety lock signal] are effective, light will come out (laser state is normal), and there is no alarm on the home page

About the alarm on the home page, most of the alarm levels in the (setting) are wrong, please change the corresponding alarm level

When cleaning, keep the distance from the gun head to the plate steady, and keep the hand speed even

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