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Customer feedback of the sander deburring edge rounded machine from USA customer



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The deburring chamfering machine, which arrived in Tampa, USA in 2023, received positive and positive feedback from customers after several months of use

The following is the customer's description and description of the machine. He is our agent in Tampa, USA

If there is interest, please read this in detail! 1. There are only 2 sizes I am offering 52" Dual head + Edge Rounder $50K or 39" Single head + Edge rounder - $40K. These require BIG power and ALOT of space. 200-250 amps of 240v 3phase. I am not offering any other sizes at this time. We have had 2 of these types of sanders up and running for a few months now, and other than some minor startup issues, they are performing well. So ready to sell them if there is interest. We have them in stock and ready to ship.


yea they really are, the vaccum hold down on the conveyor is pretty cool, so you can run small parts through it without it slinging them out the side of the machine lol



The above is the most direct feedback of the customer for the deburring machine, of course, we accept the suggestions of customers, we welcome everyone to give us suggestions and opinions


If you want to have a deburring machine, but are hesitant, please contact us and tell me what you are worried about, whether it is price quality and after-sales we will listen carefully and give you a solution, of course, if you only give us suggestions, once your suggestions are adopted by our technical section, we will give you the corresponding commission


Say it is better to do, come on friends, contact us, we are 24 hours online I will actively reply to you



Belle Chen




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